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Allcare Family Services, Inc. was formed by two local businessmen in 1985 and continues to be locally owned and operated. A Community Home Health Care Organization providing nursing and health related services in the home as well as in institutional settings. Although Allcare services nursing homes, hospitals, adult centers, and many other organizations, the main focus has been home care.

Why home care?. . .
Home health care services provide an alternative to hospitalization or nursing home care which will allow the individual to remain in familiar surroundings where they can be allowed to maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible. The services provided by Allcare are designed specifically to meet the individual’s changing needs.

Services can be long or short term. Perhaps a family member needs to be out of town for a short period of time or simply would like to attend a special function. . .call Allcare! There are no minimum number of days required to begin service, and one only needs to commit to two hours of care in order to qualify as an Allcare client.

Allcare is committed to working closely with the client, the family, and the physician to ensure the best of care will be provided.
Credentials of Our
Service Providers

In order to service our clients with integrity and
reliability, all Allcare employees are screened and
must have the following:

• Two valid references
• Proof of training and/or licensure
• A satisfactory criminal police background check
• All required New York State immunizations
• A satisfactory physical within one year of hire
• Proper immunizations (PPD, Rubella, Rubeola)
• Erie County health care workers’ registry screen
• Orientation to Allcare’s policies and procedures
• Annual proof of education in HIV precautions and
confidentiality as well as blood-borne pathogens

Education Programs
Continuing education programs are on-going, which
include basic nutrition courses, infant care, first aid
classes, targeted disabilities, as well as a wide spectrum of topics which are designed to meet the needs of our community.

Allcare recruits and trains home health aides, who are also qualified to perform the duties of personal care aides and environmental aides. The training program used by Allcare is approved by the New York State Department of Health. Continuing education is of great importance at Allcare, and all employees attend regularly scheduled inservices to learn new skills, as well as to be refreshed in their current skills.

Allcare Family Services, Inc. will handle all verification of your insurance coverage. If your insurance company accepts Assignment of Benefits, we will bill the insurance company directly.


If your insurance does not cover required services, you may elect to pay privately for services performed at a rate established prior to the start of services.

All invoices for services rendered will be sent directly to the patient or the patient’s designee on a weekly basis, detailing type/hours of service, as well as itemized charges.

Allcare Family Services, Inc. is authorized to provide Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Personal Care Aides, and Environmental Aides (Housekeepers) to Medicaid patients within Erie County and Niagara County. Any client may request Allcare Family Services, Inc. as their provider of services. This is one of a client’s basic rights, at any time, regardless of whether or not the client is currently being serviced by an authorized Erie County or Niagara County Department of Social Services provider.

Allcare Family Services, Inc. has been licensed by the New York State Department of Health for over twenty years as a Home Care Service Agency and strictly adheres to all of the applicable regulations.

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